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We are always ready to go to an extra length in order to make our loved ones feel special and let them know that we care for them. You always look for ways to make your wife or mother know how much you love her. At Unrivaled Candles, we believe that life is all about making memories that can be cherished with your loved ones forever. We know how fun and thrilling it can be to get gifts in unexpected ways, that is why we have come up with an innovative way to bring smile on your loved one’s face – Ring Candles or Candles with A Ring. Unrivaled Candles has got a huge collection of scented Candles with Rings inside which makes perfect gifts for various occasions, like Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any time of the year. Lighting a scented candle makes the whole atmosphere uplifting and has a certain luxury to it. You can light our Ring Candles while taking a shower, watching a movie, having dinner or just anytime and make everything seem more relaxing. But with our Candles with Ring, not only you will be able to create a lovely ambience but also leave a special surprise for your loved ones. By manufacturing high quality Candle with Ring, we aim to improve your wellbeing through the unexpected surprises of life. With a scented Candle with Ring Inside, you will not only enjoy the distinctive aroma of the candle but also be able to stylize yourself with the gorgeous ring inside.

Our remarkable Candles with Rings burns for about 90-125 hours and is made from 100% soy wax which burns clean, safe for the environment and is a healthier alternative to paraffin candles. Our lead free wicks entails a smoke free burning but proper wick maintenance is vital to hold on to this smoke free quality of the Ring Candles. The premium, exotic fragrances of our scented Candles with Ring invokes a sense of comfort and luxury making them more irresistible. At Unrivaled Candles, we have a wide range of distinctive fragrances or scents to choose from making our customers spoilt for choices. We continually strive to explore and expand our range of scents for you releasing two new fragrances every week. We look forward to hearing from you about what scent would you like to see next so that we can increase our offerings.

When you light our aromatic Candle with Ring Inside the wax starts to melt and the ring is slowly revealed usually taking over 10 to 15 hours for you to be able to take it out of the candle. Some of our customers loos their patience in the process and uses a spoon to speed it up so that the ring is revealed faster but enjoying the process of letting the Candle with Ring burn in it’s own time is a rewarding and satisfying experience in itself. We wrap the rings in heat-resistant foil so that they are in no way damaged by the heat or wax ensuring you a complete peace of mind. Unrivaled Candles make Candles with A Ring only from the best materials. The rings are manufactured using real silver and stones of Zirconia, more commonly known as Khabarovsk Crystals making them aesthetically appealing and extremely attractive to ladies.

You will never get short of innovative ways to surprise your spouse, daughter, mother, or sister with our enviable collection of finest quality Candles with Rings which are uniquely crafted to last long and be worn as a classy accessory. Browse our large array of Ring Candles now to place your order and get them delivered.

About Unrivaled Candles

Unrivaled Candles is a unique collection of familiar and exotic fragrances that are sure to invoke a sense of comfort and joy.

Hand poured in the heart of Space City, these highly fragrant, custom blended jewelry candles are Unrivaled in their essence and strength of character. You will find that our lead free wicks and specialty blend of soy & paraffin wax combine to create a long burning, highly fragrant candle. Obsessed with the very best, we pride ourselves on our candles’ smoke free qualities, however, proper wick maintenance is critical in maintaining the integrity of our smokeless characteristics.

Awaken your senses and be refreshed with luxury that is truly, Unrivaled.

  • Jewelry candles with fragrant jewels, candles, rings, earrings and necklaces.
  • Made in the USA. Great gifts, 2 in 1, Great scented candle and a fragrant jewel.
  • Highly fragrant, scented candles with jewelry inside valued at $10 to $10,000.
  • The best fragrances you will find in jewelry candles

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