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Every women in your life holds a special place in your heart, be it your mother, wife, sister, or daughter and expressing your gratitude and their all important role in your life may not always be achieved through words. Every woman loves to be pampered once in a while and you may do so for the women in your life by showering them with gifts. Now we all want to gift something unique or special to our near and dear ones in our lives, something that will be cherished for a long time. If we tell you that you can now gift scented candles to your loved ones that will remain etched in their memory forever will you fall for it? But if it’s a Candle with Jewelry Inside you will definitely love to have one for your lady to give her an unexpected surprise. At Unrivaled Candles, we offer a wide array of scented candles of different fragrances to choose from with each candle containing a luxurious surprise – high quality jewelry. These new and intriguing Jewelry Candles will be lapped up by the ladies as who would not want to enjoy their favourite scent and then find a one-of-a-kind jewelry inside. With our remarkable Jewelry In Candles, burning something as boring as a candle is now a thrilling and rewarding experience. When you light the Jewelry Candle the wax slowly melts revealing the jewelry over time which usually takes over ten to fifteen hours for being able to take it out from the candle. Many impatient ladies cannot wait so long for their Candle with Jewelry to burn and often uses spoon for speeding up the process so that the jewelry is revealed faster.

Everybody loves a surprise as it makes the person in the receiving end feel special and is a testament to the fact that he/she is cared for. Though you have the option to choose which type of Jewelry Candle you want, like Bracelet, Ring, Earring, or Pendant, the worth and style of the jewelry will be totally unknown to you and a complete surprise for your loved one. You and your girl will be more than eager and thrilled to find out what type of jewelry will come out from our custom crafted Candle with Jewelry Inside. The scented Jewelry Candles burns for about 90 to 125 hours and we provide you a range of exciting Everyday Fragrances to choose from, including Date Night, Grapeful Red, Hot Cider, Citrus Melody, Limin etc. and innovative Seasonal Fragrances, like Apple Pie, Swiss Cocoa, Eggnog, and more as well as Men’s Fragrances, namely Gentleman, Black Tie, and The Hunter.

At Unrivaled Candles, our collection of Jewelry In Candles are made from A-grade materials, mostly silver and stones of Zircon which not only lasts for years but is a valuable accessory for your wardrobe as well. The collection of our Candle with Jewelry are all made in the USA with each jewelry being valued at $10 to $10,000. With our vast collection of Jewelry Candles, you will be spoilt for choices to gift to your loved ones.

About Unrivaled Candles

Unrivaled Candles is a unique collection of familiar and exotic fragrances that are sure to invoke a sense of comfort and joy.

Hand poured in the heart of Space City, these highly fragrant, custom blended jewelry candles are Unrivaled in their essence and strength of character. You will find that our lead free wicks and specialty blend of soy & paraffin wax combine to create a long burning, highly fragrant candle. Obsessed with the very best, we pride ourselves on our candles’ smoke free qualities, however, proper wick maintenance is critical in maintaining the integrity of our smokeless characteristics.

Awaken your senses and be refreshed with luxury that is truly, Unrivaled.

  • Jewelry candles with fragrant jewels, candles, rings, earrings and necklaces.
  • Made in the USA. Great gifts, 2 in 1, Great scented candle and a fragrant jewel.
  • Highly fragrant, scented candles with jewelry inside valued at $10 to $10,000.
  • The best fragrances you will find in jewelry candles

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