Jewelry Candles Review

Jewelry Candles

Jewelry Candles Review

The number of ways you can make extra money today are countless. I hadn’t even heard of Jewelry Candles until recently… and yet, here’s another company that pays commissions for recommending their products. What is Jewelry Candles? Well, I’ll explain who they are in this review, what they do, and whether or not this could be the make money opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Our team started with a vision of making unforgettable merchandise that may delight ladies through the surprises each contains. We believe that life is about cherishing memories and sharing these experiences with loved ones. We aim to assist ladies expertise surprises a lot of usually in their lives, taking day trip to devote to themselves and knowledge peace from among. Our mission is to improve their well being through life’s unexpected surprises.

In every one of our scented candles, there is a piece of jewelry hidden inside. We are making something as boring as burning a candle to an unforgettable and exciting experience! Lighting the candle makes the wax melt and the jewelry will be revealed over time. It takes about 10-15 hours to reveal the jewelry and to be able to take it out of your candle. Some impatient Jewel Candle fans cannot wait this long and use a spoon to speed up the revealing process! Our high-quality scented candles burn for about 90 – 125 hours. The jewelry is wrapped in heat-resistant foil so that no wax and heat can damage it. You can choose the type of jewelry you get: Ring, Earring, Bracelet or Pendant. The worth and the style of your jewelry will be part of the Jewel Candle surprise and experience! Everyone will be excited to find out what kind of jewelry will come out of your candle! When it comes to our jewelry selection we use only high-quality materials (Silver and stones of Zircon) because we believe it is very important to get a valuable surprise, which can extremely be worn as a classy accent and can last for years. ALL of our surprises are made of real Silver. Real pearls and stones of Zirconia, better known as Khabarovsk Crystals, are used as eye-catchers. All our jewelry is high-quality. Burning a candle has never been so exciting! Enjoy fresh scents like Strawberry Cupcake and Mango Melon Smoothie and find your jewelry surprise in your Jewel Candle!

As candle lovers, we ventured into the candle trade searching for an alternate to paraffin candles. Our goal and purpose was to supply a candle that lasted longer, smelled nice, and was a healthier different to paraffin. We started with 100% soy wax that burns clean and is safe for the atmosphere. Then, we tend to added premium fragrances to form our Jewelry Candles merely irresistible. We have a large array of distinctive scents on the market, and that we promise to stay exploring and increasing our scent offerings to you. We release two new scents every week, and look forward to hearing from you about what you’d like to see next!